Estético Tea Maker (450ml)-Dancing Leaf
Estético Tea Maker (450ml)-Dancing Leaf
Estético Tea Maker (450ml)-Dancing Leaf
Estético Tea Maker (450ml)-Dancing Leaf

Estético Tea Maker (450ml)

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Watch tea leaves go into a dance as you add steaming water into the Estetico Tea Maker. An efficient and modern take on tea making, the Estetico Tea Maker fully extracts the essence of loose leaf teas. Once the concoction is ready, the tea maker starts to dispense the brew directly into your cup or mug with zero spillage. The automatic stop functionality kicks in and the flow of tea stops as soon as the Estetico Tea Maker is lifted off the cup or mug. The sturdy yet light weight design makes for the best addition in a contemporary kitchen.

  • Sturdy design
  • Automatic start & stop functionality
  • Includes filter
  • Strains tea in your cup with no spillage
  • Keeps residue leaves in the tea maker
  • Easy to brew and serve
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean

How to use -

Step 1: Add desired quantity of loose leaf tea into the Estetico Tea Maker

Step 2: Slowly pour hot water over the tea leaves. Avoid filling to the brim

Step 3: Close lid and allow the leaves to steep to your liking (between 2-5 minutes)

Step 4: Once steeped, carefully place the Estetico Tea Maker on top of your cup or mug and watch the infusion transfer from tea maker to your mug automatically. Lift the Estetico Tea Maker to stop infusion flow instantly.

Capacity : 450 ml