Cast Iron Teapot - Line Blue

Rs. 3,900.00

Crafted to perfection, this exclusive line pattern in tranquil blue is a unique addition to Dancing Leaf's range of Japanese cast iron teapots or "tetsubin". The unique aesthetic and rustic charm of the tetsubin elevates tea time to a wholesome experience. Excellent heat retention with fully enamelled interiors, the cast iron is most sought after for its even distribution of heat and fully extracts the essence of the tea leaves.  

  • Anti-rust enamel coated interior
  • Stainless steel basket
  • Evenly distributes heat
  • Wholly extracts tea flavours
  • Solid cast iron teapot
  • Brews up to 4 cups

How to use

Step 1 - Wash out the cast iron tea pot with warm water before first use

Step 2 - Place the loose leaf tea in the infuser - about 1 teaspoon per 200ml of water

Step 3 - Add hot water into the teapot and cover with the lid

Step 4 - Allow tea leaves to steep for a few minutes before pouring into a cup

Capacity 700ml



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