La Tetera Teapot with Warmer (600ml)

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Tuck into your favourite concoction that holds perfect temperature at all times with the handy La Tetera kettle. Equipped with an infuser and a tea warmer, the La Tetera Teapot maximizes convenience, portability and comfort all the while allowing you to keep your tea hot. Watch the tea-light candle illuminate the concoction and create a warm glow around the kettle.

  • Strong, borosilicate teapot
  • Stainless steel infuser
  • Teapot warmer
  • Tea-light candle included
  • Keeps tea warm for long
  • All parts easy to clean

How to use -

Step 1: Scoop desired amount of loose leaf tea or teabags into the infuser

Step 2: Add steaming water to the kettle and cover the lid

Step 3: Light the tea candle inside the Warmer and place La Tetera Teapot on the Warmer

Step 4: Allow the concoction to steep for a few minutes before pouring out a hot cuppa.

Capacity 600ml



Sold Out