Palo Tea Stick Infuser

Rs. 600.00

The premium Palo Tea Stick infuser keeps leaves out of your tea and is perfect for medium to large tea leaves. Allowing ample space for the brew to infuse and grow into a delicious cuppa, the Palo stick infuser is ideal for steeping long leaves, herbs, spices and flower blooms for longer durations. Made of high quality and food grade stainless steel the Palo Tea Stick infuser is a trusty companion for teatime, all the while staying stylish, durable and reusable.

  • Stainless Steel stick infuser
  • Sliding Mechanism
  • Premium extra-fine mesh
  • Easy to clean
  • Food-safe stainless steel
  • Small holes for perfect infusion
  • Makes single serving
  • Use for Pot or Cup

How to use -

Step 1: Slide back the mesh and scoop one spoon of desired loose leaf tea

Step 2: Close the tea stick and place inside a teacup

Step 3: Add boiling water over the infuser and steep for 2-5 minutes (or as desired)

Step 4: When the concoction is ready, remove Palo Tea Stick and keep aside to prevent oversteeping

Step 5: Enjoy the freshly brewed goodness. Clean out contents to reuse Palo Tea Stick.



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