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Tea Bag Infuser-Dancing Leaf
Tea Bag Infuser-Dancing Leaf
Tea Bag Infuser-Dancing Leaf

Tea Bag Infuser

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The Dancing Leaf tea bag infuser easily holds a couple tablespoons of loose tea, ideal for making a pot of tea or even for mulling spices! Simply add in your favourite spoonful of tea leaves into the tea bag shaped infuser and immerse it into a pot or cup of freshly boiled hot water for a few minutes. Best used with a clear glass to see the dancing colours of the brew swivel around in the cup!

  • Durable and stylish tea bag shaped infuser
  • Easy to clean and doesn't leave residue from previous brew
  • Comes with a stainless steel coaster to prevent drips
  • Holds up to two tablespoons of loose leaf tea

    How to use -

    Step 1: Open the bottom silicone lid and add tea into the infuser

    Step 2: Close the silicone lid and place inside mug or teapot

    Step 3: Add boiling water over the infuser and steep for 2-5 minutes (or as desired)

    Step 4: Once the concoction is ready, remove infuser and keep aside to prevent oversteeping

    Step 5: Enjoy the freshly brewed goodness. Clean out contents to reuse Plano Tea Infuser