Wooden Chest (6 Mini Tins & Infuser Combo)

Rs. 3,500.00

With quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail are the hallmark of these exquisitely handcrafted felt-lined dark mahogany-stained tea chests. This wooden tea chest includes 6 mini tins of loose tea in different flavours with 20gms of tea per tin. It comes along with a tea infuser making it a perfect gift for the perfect occasion.

Flavours in this box:

  1. Fennel Green Tea (Green Tea)
  2. Rooibos Cinnamon (Rooibos Tea)
  3. Tranquil Berry (Black Tea)
  4. Fruit Bloom (Tisane)
  5. Rose Blush (Tisane)
  6. Kashmiri Kahwa (Chai)

Each tin will brew approximately 8 to 10 cups of tea.



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