About Us

Curated With Care 

The "Dancing Leaf" concept was born out of pure passion, the vision being to create an elixir of carefully picked teas, spices and herbs which would brew into a plethora of benefits for the mind and body.

With precise insight into natural ingredients, Dancing Leaf has expertly blended teas to satisfy every palate and every craving. Whether you’re looking to treat the sweet tooth or wish to indulge in something more invigorating and aromatic, their unique variety of blends boast a special cup for every mood.

Authenticity in Every Sip

Dancing Leaf's tea essence and natural extracts exude an authentic flavour and aroma which only leaves picked at the right time can deliver. This authenticity is essence and taste in white, green and black tea varieties from Nilgiri, Assam and Darjeeling is maintained by exclusively sourcing the natural extract itself - and not just a natural substitute. The result is a robust and natural flavour sealed in by freshly picked ingredients.

Exotic Blends and Exclusive Concoctions

In addition to the wholesome white, black and green teas, the collection also includes exotic concoctions that definitely deserve an audience. Dancing Leaf’s unique signature brews such as the Rooibos Cinnamon Infusion is a treat for all senses.

The rooibos sourced exclusively from South Africa is revered for its powerful antioxidant properties and has the added bonus of being completely caffeine free. Plus the decadent blend of the redbush with the spice and warmth of cinnamon makes for an invigorating brew.

Lush Greens from China, Japan and Taiwan


Our exclusive collection of over 50 global teas boasts of rare, flavoured and traditional teas with rich flowering teas. Hailing from Taiwan are the finest high grade oolong teas such as Dong Ding with distinctive flavours of buttery soft vanilla and gardenias, sweet mellow-scented Ali Shan High Mountain tea, and the orchid-like floral aroma of Baozhong tea that is traditionally processed in wrapped style to preserve the taste of spring. A bouquet of Japanese teas also graces Dancing Leaf's collection. From the purest form of vibrant green Matcha and Sencha teas to the rich, full-bodied smooth tasting Gyokuro and Genmaicha, Dancing Leaf's line of Japanese teas are a true gift to the palate.

Aesthetic Teaware

The tea experience is additionally complemented by a line of essential teaware that makes tea time a celebration. Their unique Calido Tea Warmer made of strong borosilicate glass with a light candle on the bottom illuminates the alluring hue of the tea in the pot. These teapots truly allow you to appreciate the colour and clarity of fine tea.

With elegant accessories ranging from tea tumblers and infusers to Tetsubin - Japanese style resilient cast iron tea kettles, Dancing Leaf indeed is your one-stop shop to brew up the perfect cup of flavours.